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    Motocross Helmets

    No matter how big of a risk taker you are, you should never compromise your safety when it comes to Motocross racing. It's a fun sport, but it can also be pretty dangerous. Your motocross helmet is probably the most crucial gear you should invest in as it protects the most important part of your body - your head and face. With better protection you can be more adventurous on the track. It's important to buy the right motocross helmet which fits you well, keeps you safe and is comfortable too.

    What are Motocross Helmets?

    These are distinct helmets made to be worn during motocross racing. They have an open face structure, sun peaks and a stretched chin for better ventilation. Additionally, there’s extra space to fit in your protective face gear such as goggles etc. The inner lining of these helmets is designed to absorb the energy from impacts to lessen the effect on your head. The helmet would need to be replaced, once it gets compressed after impact though.

    • A high-quality shell preferably one made of carbon-fiber or polycarbonate which will reduce the weight of the helmet significantly. This makes the ride less exhausting and much more comfortable. Also increases the durability of the helmet.
    • Light, fluorescent colors and reflective strips that enhance your visibility at night.
    • A removable and washable lining with moisture-wicking technology for all-day comfort.
    • The Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) which works with kinetic energy and suspension to absorb energy, thus reducing impact on the head.
    • V-Foam technology which makes the helmet lighter and absorbs energy upon impact.
    • A rear and front vent system to ensure your visor does not mist up and become foggy. Exhaust vents and intake scoops will provide optimal air flow to your helmet.

    Most importantly, make sure you check how comfortable the helmet feels and whether the size fits you well or not. A size chart can be found on our website. Do keep in mind that sizes may vary a little for different brands. Equally important is checking the warranty length that is being provided on the helmet. Knowing all these things will help you make an informed purchase so you don’t get buyer’s remorse.

    Eagle Leather provides the best motocross helmets that are ECE and DOT approved. These helmets have an advanced channeling ventilation system, removable pads and lining and air gel pockets to soften impact. They are also made with either an Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell or a Carbon-Fiber Shell. It makes them lightweight and provides a superior fit + comfort for motocross riders. We offer free shipping over $69 and the option to pay in interest-free installments. Buy now