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Eagle Leather – Buy The Best Motorcycle Chaps From Us

Bikers need appropriate motorcycle accessories for a safe ride every time. Eagle leather makes sure that you enjoy every ride without any hazards. This is the reason we keep our gamut enriched with a wide variety of essential motorcycle gear, of which motorcycle chaps are a special mention.

Available in a wide range of sizes, picking the right one for you will never be a difficult task. If you know your size, we have a chap for you. The adjustable laces of our chaps allow easy adjustments up to 6 inches or more.

However, the thigh measurement needs to be accurate. We have chaps for people with a few extra pounds and tall ones. The laces offer adjustments, and the in-seams are perfect for trim-to-size customization. Explore our ensemble of top-quality motorcycle chaps to make each ride safer and more enjoyable. We have several filters to help you pick the right one for you.

Why Choose Our Motorcycle Chaps?

Our variety should be the first reason for choosing our chaps. From brand options to color choices, we allow you complete freedom to buy a chap that blends with your bike. The sizing remains another key reason to choose our chaps. We have everything from size 3X-Small to 10X-Large.

Take your measurements accurately and search for a chap. If your measurements are accurate, you can find the chaps that will be comfortable to wear. We understand that a motorcycle rider needs the utmost comfort while riding to focus on the roads. Hence, we keep our chaps adjustable. Trimming will not cause chaps to fray.

We keep products of different prices to accommodate buyers of varying budget limitations. If you have a slender budget and are looking for quality products, we have you covered.

From fashion to affordability, we keep every detail in mind while arranging our assortment of motorcycle chaps.

Chap FAQ's

Bikers often face doubts while buying a motorcycle chap. Here are the commonly asked questions that might concern you as well.

What size should I Buy?

This decision depends on the wearer. You need to accurately measure your waist, thigh, and leg length. Once you have the statistics, check our size chart for assistance and pick the one that closely matches the numbers.

Are the chaps adjustable?

Yes, all our chaps are adjustable. If the one you have bought needs trimming or tightening, consider using the laces and getting them fit in-store where we fit them for free.

What should I do if my chaps are too long?

Cut the extra length off to bring it to your length. You can also take the help of others to mark the accurate length after wearing the chap.

What should I do if the chap does not fit me?

Eagle Leather has a flexible exchange policy. If the chap you have purchased does not fit you well, you can try to adjust it using the laces. If your unable to make them fit properly without trimming them, we would be happy to exchange the product.

We have a friendly customer support team available for any question or concerns you might have. You can call or send us a message anytime. We will get back to you within one business day if you reach us after business hours.

Eagle Leather aspires to build a big family of loyal customers. We remain ready to make sure that happens. Besides offering you the best quality motorcycle chaps, we remain keen on providing you the service that creates loyalty.

Chap Sizing For our general sizing on chaps please visit our Chap Sizing page. We are adding size guides to products frequently to improve your shopping experience.

Motorcycle Chap Sizing

For our general sizing on chaps please visit our Chap Sizing page.
We are adding size guides to products frequently to improve your shopping experience.

Motorcycle Chap FAQ's

For a list of our most common questions please visit our Chap FAQ's Page for more information.