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    HJC i30 White Helmet - Eagle Leather
    HJC i30 White Helmet
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    HJC IS-5 Gloss Black
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    Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

    A Three Quarter Helmet, commonly known as an open-face helmet is one of the most common helmet styles you'll see in the market. They cover your head's top, back, and sides, but leave your face uncovered. Many scooter riders, cafe racers, tourers, and cruisers use them because the open face area allows them to feel the breeze on their face.

    Advantages Of a Three Quarter Helmet:

    Good Ventilation and Breathability:

    The lower half of your face is not covered by three quarter helmets, so you get good ventilation and breathability. For a lot of riders, this is one of the reasons why they decide to go for this type of helmet.

    Better Visibility:

    These helmets offer good visibility because of the removal of the chin-bar. With better visibility, the riding experience naturally becomes much more enjoyable.


    Some riders tend to find a three-quarter helmet easy to wear and carry around due to its lightweight nature.


    If you're tight on your budget and need something affordable, an open-face helmet may be a good option. The helmets are generally offered at a price that is within the budget of buyers who do not want to spend too much on their helmet.

    Disadvantages Of a Three-Quarter Helmet:

    While a three quarter helmet definitely has some advantages, it offers less protection as most of your face including the jaw is uncovered.

    What size should you get?

    It's important that your helmet fits you well for better protection. Use a measuring tape to wrap around your head from the forehead to the back. Then you can compare that with the size chart on our website to see which one suits you best. Do keep in mind that that sizing may vary a little with different brands. When buying from our local store, try on the helmet and wear it for a couple of minutes to get a better idea of whether it’s right for you or not.

    Eagle Leather has the best collection of three quarter helmets from the top brands such as Scorpion EXO, LS2, Bell, HJC and lots more. The helmets we offer are made with lightweight outer shells and comply with US DOT safety standards. We offer free shipping over $69 and the option to pay in interest-free installments. Buy now!