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    31 products

    Eagle Leather – Shop Premium Motorcycle Chaps

    Equip yourself for a secure and exhilarating ride with our comprehensive selection of motorcycle chaps. Eagle Leather is dedicated to enhancing your riding experience by offering a versatile range of chaps crafted for durability and comfort.

    With sizes available to accommodate every rider, selecting the perfect fit is effortless. Take advantage of our adjustable laces for easy customization, extending up to 6 inches or more.

    Your thigh measurement is crucial for an accurate fit, but we've got you covered. Our range includes options for those who are tall or carrying a few extra pounds. Our in-seams facilitate trim-to-size adjustments, ensuring both safety and comfort. Utilize our filters to find your ideal pair today.

    Why Opt for Eagle Leather Chaps?

    We stand out for our diversity in brand and color options, giving you the freedom to pick chaps that resonate with your style. Our expansive size chart, ranging from 3X-Small to 10X-Large, makes sure there's something for everyone.

    Accurate measurements are key to finding your perfect fit. For a comfortable riding experience, our chaps feature adaptable designs that won't fray when trimmed.

    We offer quality chaps to suit every budget. Whether you're seeking affordability or high-end luxury, our curated collection meets all your needs.

    Chap FAQs

    Below are our most commonly asked questions about chaps:

    How do I know what size to buy?

    • Measure around the thickest part of your thigh.
    • Refer to our size chart for the closest fit.

    How do I measure myself for chaps?

    1. Prepare a flexible tape measure or a string and ruler, a notepad, and a writing utensil.
    2. Wrap the tape or string around the thickest part of your thigh.
    3. Note down the measurement.
    4. Use our size chart to find your best fit.

    What about the waist?

    Since the waist is adjustable both in front and back, it's less crucial than the thigh measurement.

    What about the inseam?

    Most chaps come with a 32 to 36-inch inseam, and the leather material won't fray, allowing you to trim it to your preferred length.

    How do I put my chaps on?

    Start by fastening the belt, followed by each leg. Finally, zip them down and snap the snaps.

    My chaps are too long. How do I adjust them?

    You can either cut or hem them to the right length. Assistance from a partner is advisable for accurate measurement.

    Can I return my chaps after they have been cut?

    We recommend waiting until you are sure you want to keep them. See our return policy for more details.

    What if the chaps I ordered do not fit?

    We offer a hassle-free exchange or return within 30 days, given the item meets our return/exchange criteria.

    For more information on sizing, please visit our Chap Sizing page. Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns; our customer support is always ready to assist you.

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