Sewing Services

Sewing Services

Q: What days is your sewing team there?
A: Our sewing department is open 5 days a week, however, hours may vary, so please call your local store for hours.

Q: Can I make an appointment?
A: Because of the demand, all our sewing services are first-come first-served.

Q: How much does it cost to sew patches?
A: Patches start at $7.00 to sew.  However, pricing will vary depending on the size and number of patches to be sewn.

Q: I am a club member or a member of an organization that cannot leave my cut or patches, can you take care of it while I wait?
A: Patches are usually done the same day while you wait. If it is a repair or alteration needed, it is recommended to call your local store to coordinate things that might not be completed same day.

Q: How long will it take to complete my alteration or repair?
A: For alterations and repairs, we ask for 1 week to complete the work.

Q: How much does it cost for alterations or repairs?
A: Pricing is set by the individual members of our sewing team and is based upon the time they believe it will take them to complete the work.  

Q: Can I tip if I want to?
A: Tipping and/or gifts to our sewing team violates our company policy on accepting gifts.  As a result, to compensate for this, our sewing team is paid a higher hourly wage.