Our Journey: From Van to Premier Destination

At Eagle Leather, we're passionate about providing motorcycle riders with the best gear, parts, and accessories for their rides. Our mission is to help riders stay protected, comfortable, and stylish on their bikes.

Our Beginnings

Our story began with company President, Mike Toursal, who fell in love with motorcycles after riding his first one, a CMG. This experience ignited a passion for steel and chrome that eventually led him to travel around the country selling motorcycle gear out of a van. Mike's dedication to providing high-quality motorcycle leathers for both men and women soon made Eagle Leather a sought-after destination at major events such as Daytona and Sturgis.

Showroom: 20K Sq. Ft. of Biker Gear

Over the years, Eagle Leather has grown to become the premier destination for motorcycle enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. Our 20,000 square foot showroom in Lakewood, WA is a mecca for bikers, with thousands of products in stock, including leather jackets, chaps, vests, riding boots, gloves, and helmets.

Online Presence: Better Service, Flexibility

We also have a strong online presence through the Shopify platform, which allows us to offer better customer service and flexibility to adapt to changing technology.

Personalized Shopping: Gear Up Your Way

At Eagle Leather, we understand that every rider is unique, and we're committed to providing a personalized shopping experience that caters to your specific needs. Whether you're a new rider or a seasoned biker, our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always ready to assist you and help you find the perfect gear for your ride.

Giving Back: Supporting Motorcycle Related Causes

We take great pride in being part of the motorcycle community, and we're always looking for ways to give back. We regularly sponsor local motorcycle events and support various motorcycle-related charities.

We're confident that once you experience what Eagle Leather has to offer, you'll never want to shop anywhere else for your motorcycle gear. Visit us today and discover why we're the premier destination for motorcycle enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest.

Our History: Milestones that Made Us the Premier Destination for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

  • 1984: Company President, Mike Toursal, saw and rode his first motorcycle, a CMG, which ignited his lifelong love for motorcycles.
  • 1986: Mike began selling motorcycle gear out of a van, offering top-quality women's and men's motorcycle leathers.
  • 1990s: Eagle Leather became a popular attraction at major events such as Daytona and Sturgis.
  • 2007: Eagle Leather moved to its current location in Lakewood, WA, on the corner of Highway 512 and South Tacoma Way.
  • 2012: Mike opened a second 20,000 square-foot location in Auburn, which was later closed in late 2017 to seek better opportunities in another location.
  • 2017: Eagle Leather moved to the Shopify platform to improve customer service for online customers and increase flexibility.
  • Today: Eagle Leather is the premier destination for motorcycle enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest, offering thousands of products in stock and a personalized shopping experience that caters to every rider's specific needs. We're also proud to sponsor local motorcycle events and support various motorcycle-related causes.

Customer Testimonials


This was my first purchase from Eagle Leather. I was looking for some nice leather boot straps for my Durango Frontiers and found a pair through their online store.

The sales team were very friendly and responsive, and made sure my order was shipped out quick. They kept prompt email correspondence and provided tracking along the way. The item received was as advertised on the website. The quality of the leather is good, and the steel chain is solid. The Indian head medallions give my boots the character I was going for.

I would order from them again in the future.


The biggest reason I wanted to give Eagle Leather this rating is because of the sales team members who are helping & teaching & giving advice and real feedback.

The last 3 times I was there a different person helped me in a different way with a different item.

The answers and feedback was not based on making sales. I have huge respect on that fact itself. But I left feeling I had learned & saved money & and spent wisely on the correct item.

I see that the owners are innovative with their business because online sales can run places into the ground...but you have a goldmine with your sales staff. Tell them "Great Job" every day and keep up the great work!

Some of us really do notice, just not a lot of people say anything nice like we should.

Thank you guys, look forward to visiting again soon.


Great jacket from a great local retailer!

I work maybe 15 minutes from Eagle Leather in Lakewood, but being a busy biker kept me from heading that direction (you know, work, kids, life...).

I was able to shop online, have E.L. process the order and ship it to me at my convenience. It was processed within 24 hours and I received it a few days later.

Great product! Looks great on me, gives me a summer option for ATGATT, so I can be protected in the heat still.

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