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    An In-depth Guide to Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

    If you're in the market for the most protective type of motorcycle helmet, full-face helmets offer unparalleled safety and coverage. Read on to explore the features, history, and sizing tips for full-face helmets, all available at Eagle Leather.

    Why Choose Full Face Helmets?

    Unlike other types of helmets, full-face helmets enclose your entire face and head, offering maximum protection. They are equipped with actuating shields, providing an adequate field of view (FOV) while limiting the entry of road debris. Ventilation is also not a compromise, thanks to multiple vents and extractors that help to keep the rider cool.

    Materials Matter

    The full-face helmets at Eagle Leather are crafted from robust materials like Polycarbonate, Fiberglass, and Carbon Fiber. These materials ensure that your head is well protected in case of accidents.

    Brands We Trust

    We offer top-quality full-face helmets from reliable brands such as Bell, Icon, LS2, Scorpion, and HJC. Shop confidently, knowing you're investing in the best safety gear for your ride.

    Finding the Perfect Fit

    Helmet fit is crucial for your safety. To find the right size, measure your head's circumference above the eyebrows and compare it with the size chart on our website. Remember to try on the helmet and assess its fit before making a purchase.

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