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In the beginning you were a new rider filled with excitement. As you rode you began experiencing challenges. Over time you found other's who knew what your challenges were and had overcome them before. Now you are a seasoned veteran willing to help others.


Riders are often exposed to the elements and that is hard on your gear. That's why we offer a 1-Year Warranty.

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Because you work hard earning your money, we want you to keep as much as you can. That's why we offer FREE Ground Shipping on orders over $69.

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Motorcycle riders love your patches, sometimes you might need a repair on your gear, or maybe it just doesn't fit quite right anymore. We have onsite sewing services.

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It’s a known fact that the most important piece of safety equipment is your helmet. And although its mandated use sparks debate, there is no questioning that helmets save lives. But helmet technology has come a very long way over the years, and helmets were not always as safe as they are today. Furthermore, helmet laws have evolved as more research has emerged supporting the importance of a helmet’s role in rider safety.

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When you gear up for your ride, you throw your motorcyle gear on and don’t think twice about it. Why? Because there are know and unknow dangers when riding a motorcycle. So, wearing the right protective gear provides a piece of mind by allowing you one less thing to have to focus on when riding, besides that you look really cool.

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We hear all the time from our customers that are women, "when I get ready to ride and put on my gear I feel like a total BAD-A**". Whether you are a rider or a passenger the right motorcycle gear can bring out that part of you who's ready to take on the world.

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If you’ve ridden your motorcycle on a hot summer day, you can remember the sun beating down on you, heating up your black leather jacket and chaps, heating, heating, heating until you’re hot and sweaty and there’s no fun left in the ride. No matter how hot it is, I bet you still ride. So, you need some cooling gear. On the flip side, you know how frozen you can feel riding a motorcycle in cold weather without heated gear. I bet you ride even when the temperature drops. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we can ride for pleasure or commute via motorcycle most of the year if we have heated gear.

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James C.

This was my first purchase from Eagle Leather. I was looking for some nice leather boot straps for my Durango Frontiers and found a pair through their online store.

The sales team were very friendly and responsive, and made sure my order was shipped out quick. They kept prompt email correspondence and provided tracking along the way. The item received was as advertised on the website. The quality of the leather is good, and the steel chain is solid. The Indian head medallions give my boots the character I was going for.

I would order from them again in the future.

Robert B.

Great jacket from a great local retailer!
I work maybe 15 minutes from Eagle Leather in Lakewood, but being a busy biker kept me from heading that direction (you know, work, kids, life...).
I was able to shop online, have E.L. process the order and ship it to me at my convenience. It was processed within 24 hours and I received it a few days later.
Great product! Looks great on me, gives me a summer option for ATGATT, so I can be protected in the heat still.

Michelle W.

The biggest reason I wanted to give Eagle Leather this rating is because of the sales team members who are helping & teaching & giving advice and real feedback.

The last 3 times I was there a different person helped me in a different way with a different item.

The answers and feedback was not based on making sales. I have huge respect on that fact itself. But I left feeling I had learned & saved money & and spent wisely on the correct item.
I see that the owners are innovative with their business because online sales can run places into the ground...but you have a goldmine with your sales staff. Tell them "Great Job" every day and keep up the great work!

Some of us really do notice, just not a lot of people say anything nice like we should.

Thank you guys, look forward to visiting again soon.