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    Motorcycle Covers – An Essential for Your Bike

    Maintaining a motorcycle is often a more arduous task than buying one. Bike lovers take the vehicle on various journeys. But, the weather conditions, road conditions, and several other factors make protecting the bike a necessary part.

    We, at Eagle Leather, understand your requirements and love for motorcycles. Therefore, we keep a precise, yet exhaustive collection of motorcycle covers with us. All you have to do is just visit our website, pick the one you need and place an order.

    Why Do You Need Motorcycle Cover?

    If you have a shaded area to park your bike, you might think a cover unnecessary. However, a cover always adds to bike maintenance. Here are some aspects related to motorbike covers that make this item essential.

    Protection From UV Rays

    When you leave your motorbikes under the scorching summer sun for hours together, the UV rays harm the body paint. If the exposure continues for long hours and days, your bike’s vibrant colors will fade away in no time.

    Once faded, you have to invest in coloring it once again. To sum up, sunlight exposure may lead to more maintenance costs. A cover can keep your bike protected from such impacts. Thus, buying a cover and using it whenever you leave your bike in the open under the sun is always a smart choice.

    Safeguard From the Rain

    Like sun rays, rain can also affect your bike adversely. If you love riding your bike in the rain, your vehicle will gather rust sooner. Similarly, if you have left your bike uncovered in open parking, a sudden splash can do similar harm.

    Continuous exposure to rain can lead to rusting, reducing the mechanical strength of the vehicle. Rusting also increases the frequency of bike maintenance. Invest in a cover to save maintenance expenses.

    Protection From Scratches

    When you park a bike in a parking lot, others also park their cars beside yours. While accommodating a car within the brief area of a parking lot, one might hit your bike and leave it with a few scratches. If you do not wish any dents or scratches on your bike, cover it with a bike cover. A full cover would be the best choice here. However, a half cover will also offer considerable protection from such scratches.

    Enhanced Lifespan

    With a cover, your bike’s lifespan increases. We keep both full and half covers for the motorbikes to allow you an independent choice. Go through our website to select the one you find fit for your vehicle.

    Types Of Motorcycle Covers

    Eagle Leather keeps two varieties of motorbike cover- half cover and full cover. You can choose one of the two types depending on your requirement. If you have well-covered shelter for your bike, a half cover may suffice.

    If your bike rests in an open area, a full cover is a must. Suppose you have well-covered parking at home, but you take your bike to your workplace and park it for the day in the open area.

    In that case, a full cover will ensure complete protection. Therefore, the variety of parking facilities should always not be the sole consideration for selecting a bike cover. Consider how you use the vehicle before ordering one.

    Why Choose Us?

    • We offer premium quality bike covers suitable for all bikes
    • Our collection has multiple size options for these covers. Choose from the large, medium or small-sized covers.
    • We keep the prices reasonable and affordable for all.
    • You will get branded products with us.

    Eagle Leather understands the riders’ emotions toward their bikes. Hence, we keep only the best products with us, that’s too, at a reasonable price.