Helmet Shields and Visors

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    91 products

    Finding the Right Shield or Visor for Your Riding Needs

    Whether you ride in bright daylight, the dark of night, or varying weather conditions, choosing the right helmet shield or visor is crucial. Not only should it match your riding style, but it also needs to be compatible with your helmet for maximum safety and comfort.

    Diverse Types of Shields and Visors

    The right visor can significantly enhance your riding experience. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose:

    Transparent or Clear Visor:
    Excellent for night-time riding, these visors provide unfiltered visibility. However, you might need sunglasses for daytime rides.
    Smoked Visor:
    Perfect for daytime use, these tinted visors protect your eyes from direct sunlight but are not recommended for nighttime riding.
    Yellow-Tinted Visors:
    Designed for improved visibility in low-light conditions, these visors enhance contrast and are ideal for night riding.
    Iridium/Reflective Visor:
    These stylish, mirror-finish visors are great for sunny days but should be avoided for rides in the dark.
    Photochromic Visors:
    These visors adapt to the UV light conditions, darkening in bright light and clearing in low light, offering a versatile option.

    Knowing When to Replace Your Shield or Visor

    While there's no set timeframe for replacement, a shield or visor showing signs of wear such as cracks or deep scratches that impair visibility should be replaced promptly. These flaws can distort your view, compromising both performance and safety.

    Why Choose Eagle Leather?

    We offer a comprehensive range of Helmet Shields and Visors, including options for clear, smoked, and photochromic visors. We also feature innovative Pinlock products like their Fog-Free Inserts. Experience the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style with our high-quality selections.

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