Plan For: Fixing A Flat

Safety Tip of the Week
Tire Trouble

In one interview Robert Patrick of Terminator 2, X-Files, and Sons of Anarchy fame told of riding in the Arizona desert when his back tire blew out and he contemplated riding on the rim to the next town several miles away before he remembered he had his cell phone and roadside assistance.

So what do you do when you get a blowout? Pre-blowout your motorcycle may become harder to steer, or the motorcycle may start wobbling. Try to determine which tire has the problem and shift the weight to the other tire to reduce the loss of air.

Slow down steadily and ease off the throttle to maintain maximum control. Avoid braking too hard since this will only make it harder to keep control. Do your best to remain in a straight line. Grip the handlebars tightly, keep your arms bent, and keep your focus forward until you come to a complete stop.

Push your motorcycle as far as you can out of traffic. If you must cross traffic, make sure you do it safely. Once on the side of the road you can inspect the damage and call a friend or towing service as Robert Patrick did in Arizona.

Have your tire repaired or replaced at a reputable business

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