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    Alliance Cheekpads Sm - Eagle Leather.
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    Helmet Parts and Accessories

    How to Clean and Maintain your Helmet

    Motorcycle helmets do a lot of work. The helmet must not only protect you in a crash, but also protect your face from debris and bugs on the road, shield your head from the weather, and be comfortable to wear for long durations. The best helmets can do everything you ask of them - but you must do your part to prevent them from becoming grimy, gross, and scratched up. Here's a step-by-step guide on cleaning and maintaining your helmet:

    Cleaning the Visor:
    It's best to keep unneeded chemicals away from the visor and the helmet in general. Just use tissue paper to wrap your visor and spray it with water. Let that be for about five minutes and then you can remove the tissues and wipe it down. This will help get rid of most stains like bug splatters etc. If they do not come off, you can use a mixture of soap and water to gently wipe these stains off the visor.
    Cleaning the Inner Lining and Pads:
    The hair oil and sweat from your head will make your helmet unhygienic and it will even smell over time. This is why you should deep clean your helmet every three to four months. The pads and lining in most helmets are removable, so you take them out and soak them in a solution of shampoo for 30 minutes. Rinse them with water and dry under the sun.
    Replacing Materials:
    The visor should be replaced periodically as it can get scratches and impair visibility. If any other parts of your helmet are giving you problems such as the base plates, side plates, vents etc, it’s best that you get those replaced as well.
    Weekly Cleaning:
    The exterior shell of your road motorcycle helmet can be gently cleaned using a soft sponge or cotton cloth and a helmet cleaning solution. To make cleaning the helmet a lot easier, it is always a good idea to soak it in a soap solution to dislodge any dust and grime from the surface. You can then apply some polish so it shines like new. Do not polish your helmet if it has a matte finish.

    You can get good quality cleaning materials from Eagle Leather. Our range of products include a Plastic Helmet Cleaner, Rain Repellent and 4-in1 Helmet Care Spray from top brands such as Plexus and National Cycle RainZip. We also have lots of other parts and accessories like top vents, pads, muzzles, side and base plates and quick releases.

    Such parts can greatly improve how your helmet feels while wearing and improve functionality as well. Helmet parts and accessories from the best brands can be found at Eagle Leather at affordable prices so you can make your helmet seem like new. Buy now!