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Moped: What You Need To Ride

The blog this week looks at motorcycle and sidecar/trike endorsements on your driving license. But you don’t need an endorsement to drive a moped.

According to the state of Washington’s definition, a moped may have either two or three wheels. Its motor must have a cylinder displacement of less than 50 cc, whether the motor is electric or fluid fueled. It may have no more than 2 hp brakes. It cannot be able to travel faster than 30 miles an hour. That doesn’t mean that you never go faster than 30; it means the vehicle can’t go faster than that whether you want to or not. Finally, the vehicle must meet all federal standards for a motor-driven vehicle.

To ride your moped, you don’t need either auto insurance or a motorcycle endorsement. But you do need a valid driver’s license. Your moped must be registered and it must display a valid license plate. Both you and any passengers must wear USDOT-approved helmets. If your moped has no windshield, you must wear eye protection.

You may not ride your moped on the following: sidewalks; bicycle paths; hiking/recreational trails; equestrian trails; or fully controlled, limited-access highways.

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