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You might be able to increase your safety while riding your motorcycle by using some of the fancy new equipment that’s out there.

Adaptive headlights are said to “show you what’s around the next bend.” Carmaker Opel introduced them in 2003, and in 2011, BMW put them on a motorcycle. The BMW’s headlights tilt according to the angle at which the bike is leaning.

Brake lights can be tricky. Sometimes you don’t use your brakes to slow down, so the lights don’t go on. And motorcycles decelerate a lot faster than cars, so the vehicle behind you doesn’t know you’re slowing down or how fast you’re decelerating. There’s a startup in California, Vectolabs, that’s aiming to product Vololights. It will light automatically when the motorcycle slows down, even when you don’t hit the brakes, and it’s flash rate depends on how fast your bike is slowing.

Studies have show that ABS brake systems can cut fatal motorcycle accidents by almost a third. They are expensive, but might well be worth the money, especially if insurance companies get on board and give a discount for them. What safety equipment would you like to see on motorcycles? Let’s talk on the Eagle Leather Facebook page.

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