Ways to Take Curves More Safely

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Three Ways to Take Curves More Safely

According to Sunshine Beer, who is the director of Idaho’s STAR motorcycle safety program, “70% of all deadly crashes in the last five years can be attributed to driver error.” She goes on to say that one of the major causes of crashes in Idaho is failing to negotiate a curve. Well, we’ve sure got curvy roads in Washington, so here are three things to remember—things that just might keep you off the casualty list:

  1. Remember that the bike will go in the direction you are looking. Don’t look straight ahead going into a curve, but turn your head and look through the curve.
  2. Be sure you’re going pretty much the right speed before you lean into the curve. Bikes hate it when you drastically change speed while leaning because it changes the balance and can cut traction.
  3. Beware of starting your turn too soon. You won’t be able to see, and therefore avoid, obstacles as well as if you wait for the right moment. What’s more, you’ll tend to swing wide coming out of the curve and risk a head-on collision.
You can learn more about taking curves, and sees some swell diagrams, where we found this information, on the Motorcycle Basics website.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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