Safety Tips for Older Riders

Safety Tip of the Week
Stay Focused and Safe

No matter how expert we are, as we get older, things change. If you take medications, check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if they might interfere with your motorcycling. If you haven’t had your vision checked for a while, maybe it’s time for a re-check, especially if you have trouble with night riding.

Reaction time changes. If you notice that you’ve been making lots of “panic stops” or “quick swerves,” try slowing down, leaving more speed between you and the vehicle that’s ahead of you, and even avoiding the busiest roads at the busiest times. Left turns can be especially dangerous when your reaction time is reduced. Avoid them if you can, unless there’s a green arrow signal to give you a safe zone.

You’ll feel aches and pains more acutely as you age, and they’ll stay with you longer. So, if something is making you less than comfortable when you ride, fix it. Maybe you need a different seat, or handlebar risers. Whatever it is, indulge yourself. It’s hard to be safe when you’re in discomfort. Take lots of breaks for a walk-around and a good stretch. Don’t push yourself when you’re tired. It’s not macho; it’s just foolish.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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