Roadside Maintenance Precautions

Stuff happens. You might run out of gas or have a flat tire or a breakdown. And here you are on the side of the road. These tips might help keep you safe.

First, when you go for a ride, especially into less-traveled areas, be sure to tell someone reliable where you are going, when you expect to return, and what to do if you don’t turn up at the designated time. That way, should you get stranded where there’s no cell phone coverage, you don’t have to rely on a passing car for help.

Also, be sure you have some numbers in your cellphone you can call in case you need help. Maybe friends with trucks, or a towing service.

One last thing before you leave. If you’re riding in isolated areas where you might be stranded for a while, take water, snacks, weather protection so you’re prepared for a long wait.

Okay, so now you’re roadside needing assistance:

Get your bike as far off the road as possible. The shoulder of a highway is dangerous even during the day. At night or in bad weather, it’s even more dangerous. Try to get your bike off the shoulder and onto the verge.

Get yourself as far from traffic as possible. The side of the road is not the right spot for DIY mechanicing.

Use your cell phone and call for help.