Prepping the Next Generation of RIders

Safety Tip of the Week
Teaching Your Child to Ride

When your child starts to ride, there are several safety factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

First, get the right gear. At a minimum, your child should have helmet and goggles, gloves, a chest protector and motocross or other protective boots. You can find the necessary gear at Eagle Leather online or in the store. Remember that fit is important, and you’ll have to bite the bullet and buy new when your child outgrows gear.

Be sure that the person who teaches your child to ride is an expert—even if that isn’t you. It’s important to know how to start and stop, including making an emergency stop and especially using front brakes, and how to turn. Of course, they need to know not to put fingers where they don’t belong.

Choose a place to ride that’s free of fast traffic and big bikes. You might want to start with off-road riding, just because dirt is softer to fall into than concrete or asphalt. Walk through the area first and point out places where your young rider will need to be careful.

You or another responsible adult must be on hand and ready to help in case of any difficulty. You will also be the one to fuel the motorcycle.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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