Expert Advice: Sturgis Safety

Safety Tip of the Week
Protect Your Bikes...And Your Bling

Considering that thousands and thousands of people are at Sturgis, it’s relatively a very safe place. Last week we wrote about preventing motorcycle theft. This week, we’ll look at some ways to keep your other valuables safe. Who better to guide us than Rick Steves? We’ve culled some advice from his writings about travel.

Leave your valuable jewelry at home, where it’s safest. Concentrate on showing off your bike, not your bling. This goes for electronic gear, too. Do you really need your laptop? Your most expensive camera gear? And if you must bring something expensive, hide it in your hotel room whenever you can get by without it.

Use a money belt for your credit cards and extra money. Be even a little more difficult to snatch from than the person next to you. You might loop your purse or daybag over your arm, for example. Don’t just put phones or cameras on the table, where they can be grabbed. Keep them stowed in your pocket.

Keep alert and stay away from commotions. You don’t want to be drawn into a melee, and pickpockets thrive in crowds of people who are intent on the spectacle in front of them. Whether you’re going to Sturgis or just downtown, these tips will help keep your valuable safe.

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