Battery for Jacket

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Smart 7.4V Li-Ion Battery Wall Charger

-7.4 Volt
-5200mAh Li-Ion Battery Kit
-Required for Milwaukee Heated Jacket or Vest

1. Plug the charger into the wall and the DC plug into the battery
2. The light of the charger will be read when charging
3. The indicator of the charger will become green and battery LED indicators will light on once the battery was fully charged
4. The battery must be charged at the ambient temperature range of 0 degrees celcius to 45 degrees celcius


1. After connecting with gloves, shortly press the power button, LED indicators all light, and the battery starts working
2. When the battery is working, the LED indicator is always light and tell the remaining power status
3. After long press the power button, the battery stops working
4. Please press the heat controller of gloves to adjust 3 levels different power output
5. The battery must be discharged at the ambient temperature range of -20 degrees Celcius and 55 degrees Celcius

Please store the battery in a clean, dry and ventilated room with the ambient temperature of -20 degrees Celcius to 45 degrees Celcius.
When not using the battery for a long time, please make the battery full charged, and suggest to charge it every 3 months for extend the battery life

-Use only specified charger
-Do not short-circuit battery
-Do not throw the battery into fire or heat it
-Do not disassemble and break up battery