5 Resolutions for 2015

Happy New Year!

Five resolutions to improve your riding pleasure in 2015.

Many people make resolutions at the beginning of the new year. And not so many keep them for more than a few days. But, if those resolutions are designed to make motorcycling more fun, we bet you’ll keep them all year long. We’re going to list five such resolutions today, and then look at them individually from time to time over the next few months.

  1. Weight training, cardio, tai chi, yoga—they’ll all help you keep fit and healthy, and the more fit you are, the more fun you’ll have riding. But how about exercises specifically designed to improve your balance? Better balance means safer and more enjoyable motorcycling. And there are exercises designed to give you better balance—no matter how old you are.
  2. Motorcycle clubs and other local organizations sponsor dozens and dozens of rides that give you the chance to have a great time and do some real good for our community. Many of these rides are listed in our Ride Guide (www.therideguide.org) and some of them start right here at Eagle Leather. Charity rides help veterans, nursing homes, food shelves, kids in need, and so many other good causes. Some are memorials for fallen motorcycle enthusiasts; some are poker runs, in which you can win cash and prizes; some are family events and others are geared toward adults. Maybe you already participate in a ride or two (or more). Maybe you haven’t tried one yet. In any case, why not resolve to add a charity ride to your schedule? And if your organization sponsors a ride, be sure to post it to Eagle Leather for the Ride Guide (more about that next week).
  3. Our Eagle Leather customers meet up on the Eagle Leather Facebook page. Most riders are always on the lookout for interesting or scenic routes to ride and for special destinations. Do you know of an out of the way café that serves superb seafood? Or burgers? What’s your favorite ride—local or across the country? Post ‘em on Facebook so your fellow motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy them too!
  4. Here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t have forty-below weather with three feet of snow. Instead, we have many days during the winter when we can ride—if we can keep warm. Resolve this year to add heated gear to your riding wardrobe and therefore add days (maybe weeks) to your motorcycling year.
  5. One way to get that heated gear might be to put it on your wishlist. When wintry weather keeps you off the road, browse Eagle Leather gear in the store or online and add the items you want to your wishlist. You can save up for them, watch for them to be offered at a discount, and let your loved ones take a peek so they can get what you want in the size you wear.

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