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Safety Tip of the Week
Parking Lots: The Forgotten Safety Hazard

Most of us are pretty well aware of safety issues when we’re riding on the road. Parking lots, however, pose their own set of problems, even though we’re not going fast.

Because you’re moving more slowly, you might be tempted to loosen your helmet strap. Please don’t. The asphalt is just as hard in a parking lot as it is in the street. Similarly, keep your gloves on.

Remember that drivers are often not as alert in parking lots and may not expect to see a motorcycle. Keep an eye out for occupied driver’s seats and be sure the driver knows where you are before you pass behind them. One way to do that is to use turn signals—lights or hands—whenever you change direction.

When you stop, use both the front and the rear brakes at the same time, just as you do when you’re on the road. And lean into turns just as you do elsewhere.

Keep your eyes open for drivers about to pull into a spot or back out of one. The ends of rows are especially dangerous; drivers can come from either direction. Signal your own intentions early. Be wary of potholes, debris, speed bumps, and slick spots for fluids like leaked oil.

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