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We write a lot about what gear can help save you from injury when you’re riding. But today, we’re looking at what not to wear.

Now, you’re not going to be tempted to ride in shorts for a while, but when it’s hot, it can be tempting. However, not only do you risk major road rash if you spill or crash, but the exhaust on your bike gets hot enough to give you second- or third-degree burns if your legs brush against it.

Baggy pants aren’t a good idea either. They can flap against your legs and be a distracting irritation. They can also get caught on any part of your bike that sticks out, such as the foot pegs.

Don’t wear just a T-shirt. We call it road rash, and that doesn’t sound so serious. But it means your skin is scraped by the asphalt. Even a slow-speed wipeout can mean skin grafts, scars, and plenty of pain.

Wear boots or shoes that grip tight to the foot pegs, that protect your feet from road rash and other injury.

All in all, wear leather gear, like the fashionable jackets you’ll see at the Eagle Leather Fashion Show.

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