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Safety Tip of the Week
Ideal Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is critical when it comes to riding your motorcycle—a small change in psi can have a big effect on braking and on handling. Therefore, it’s critical to your safety. You know that the recommended pressures listed for your ride are valid when the tires are cold. So, you always check tire pressure before you start out. You can get a tire-pressure gauge from Eagle Leather here.

The manual that came with your motorcycle has recommended tire pressures. If you can’t find it, check the swing arm. You might find a sticker with the tire pressures on it. If all else fails, call the manufacturer and get the right numbers.

Some folks think that they can get a softer ride using a lower-than-recommended tire pressure. That can cut the lifetime of the tires to as little as half what it should be and can make the bike harder to handle. (Adjust the suspension to get the ride you want.)

Since air shrinks with cold, you might find your tire pressure is down on these wintry mornings. Just use an air pump to bring it up to the recommended level.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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