Tips for Long Rides

Safety Tip of the Week
Tips for a Long Ride

A day trip can be great fun, as a solo trip or in a group. You might want to go to—or from—your destination on side roads or on freeways. In either case, remember to ride sober and be sure any prescriptions don’t affect your riding.

Share the road; follow at least two seconds behind another vehicle and farther in traffic, bad weather, or approaching corners or curves.

Don’t let slower moving traffic and gorgeous scenery on off-highway roads lull you into complacency. Keep your eyes on the road—glance at the scenery, but don’t stare. For extending gawking and photography, find a safe spot and pull over.

Do all that you can to be visible. Wear bright gear with reflective elements. Keep your headlight on, even in the daytime.

Remember that motorists might be distracted by the scenery. Ride as though you are completely invisible.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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