Taking a Turn

Safety Tip of the Week
Safely Taking a Turn

Many motorcycle enthusiasts would like to improve their cornering. However, according to an article on Eat, Sleep, Ride, when you corner, you shouldn’t focus on speed, but rather on accuracy and smoothness. When you approach a turn:

  1. Note your line of sight through the turn.
  2. Lean just a bit.
  3. Apply the rear brake first.
  4. Apply the front brake just slightly after that.
  5. Sit upright a bit to use wind resistance. Adjust your weight balance to counteract momentum as you brake, using your abs and feet, but not your arms.
  6. Gear down one gear at a time while using both brakes. Use the “bripping” technique if you must, only using the throttle, never the brake lever.
  7. Your speed should be adjusted before you get to the point where you’ll lean.
  8. Just before you get to the lean-in zone, turn your head and chest to the exit of the corner.

These eight steps will take just two or three seconds, so practice until you know how far from the corner you need to start. At highway speed (60 mph), you’ll need 300 feet, for example. And always remember to take these steps smoothly.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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