Staying Safe at Sturgis

Safety Tip of the Week
Sturgis: Safe or Sorry

The big thing to remember about the great motorcycle rally at Sturgis is that there are a lot of people and a lot of motorcycles. You will always be riding in a group. If you aren’t used to that, first learn the rules for riding in a group, which we discussed here and then use the many local group rides to get practice.

The streets of Sturgis are crowded. If you have trouble handling your motorcycle in crowds or at slow speeds, you might need to practice those skills ahead of time, too, or even re-think the trip.

According to the Sturgis Police Department, about a quarter-of-a-million dollars worth of bikes are stolen at the rally each year. Of course, the more expensive bikes, customs, and show bikes are most popular. The Department says you can minimize your chances of having your bike stolen if you:

  • Avoid parking in poorly lit areas.
  • If people hanging around seem too interested in your motorcycle, move it.
  • Don’t leave riding gear, cameras, souvenirs, and the like on your ride.

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