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A Wise Winter Investment

When winter closes in and riding becomes less than fun, consider taking a course to improve your riding experience. No, it’s not time for an advanced motorcycle skills class, but how about a photography class? Or Geocaching? Or birding? If you find a course on cooking for motorcycle trips, let us know.

You never know when a first aid class might come in handy. Just Google “First Aid Tacoma” and you’ll find lots of classes, some free, some for a fee. CPR is a must, but it would certainly be good to know how to stop bleeding and what to do about a possibly broken bone until the EMTs arrive. We think that the more you ride on un-crowded roads, the more first aid training you’d be wise to have.

There are specialized classes in first aid for motorcycle enthusiasts. If there’s a real interest, and enough people are willing to pay small fee for the class or classes, Eagle Leather would be happy to host an instructor!

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