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New Year's Hero: Designated Drivers

The holiday season can involve drinking, from eggnog at Christmas to champagne on New Year’s Eve. Drinking and riding a motorcycle or driving can lead to horrific consequences, so let’s figure out how to avoid them.

If you’re going with a group, name a designated driver. The designated driver won’t drink at all and will see that everyone is delivered home safely. Some venues provide free non-alcoholic drinks for the designated driver. Otherwise, the people in the group should do so.

If you’re on your own, remember that only time removes alcohol from your bloodstream. Drink slowly. Intersperse nonalcoholic drinks with potent potables. Avoid the potato chips and salted peanuts, because they’ll make you more thirsty.

If you think you’re over the limit, or if others warn that you are, call a taxi or a ride share. The fare is a lot less than the cost of a ticket.

It’s also important to avoid drivers who may be impaired. Don’t ride with a driver who seems to have had too much to drink. If you’re driving, it’s wise not to be on the road when bars close. Give those who’ve over-indulged time to get home; you can enjoy coffee or a late-night snack at an all-night diner.

On the road, give a wide berth to drivers who: swerve, make wide turns, or drive right down the middle of the road; weave in and out of traffic lanes; drive very slowly; brake for no reason; turn without signaling. Obviously, you’ll avoid cars with headlights off or that are on the wrong side of the road.

Have fun and get home safely!

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