Seven Ways to Stay Safe this Spring

Safety Tip of the Week

How To Stay Safe on The Road

According to the Washington State Patrol, between 2010 and 2014, King County had 70 fatal collisions and 420 serious injury collisions involving motorcycles. Across the state, 72 motorcyclists in 2015 and 6 have already lost their lives this year.

Most collisions happen between March and September. The Patrol says that riders who haven’t ridden all winter are involved in many of those collisions. We can do something about that. Here are some tips to help you ride more safely this spring:

  • Check your gear. Use the handy checklist here and replace what’s worn or doesn’t fit.
  • Check your ride. We’ve got a checklist for that too.
  • Make that first ride short and try to find a sunny day for it.
  • As you ride, keep an eye out for slick spots, potholes, and debris.
  • Keep visible at night with reflective clothing and a functioning headlight.
  • Any passenger needs a helmet and protective gear, and you should show your passenger how to lean and where to put his or her feet before you start.
  • Keep your eyes and your mind on the road and it doesn’t hurt to practice evasive maneuvers in a safe place, such as an empty parking lot.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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