Safely Riding an Eye Catching Vintage Bike

Safety Tip of the Week
Riding a Vintage Bike

Riding a vintage motorcycle is becoming more and more popular, but the Ridewell blog lists some things to be aware of:

Older bikes wear out and break down. The more rare a bike is (and so desirable for collectors), the harder it will be to find parts. On the other hand, these bikes were made for hands-on owners, so things are easy to find, replace, and repair once you have the necessary replacement.

Because a vintage bike, including a restored vintage bike, is more apt to break down, you’ll need to keep more space between you and other vehicles. Try to know where you’ll be able to get off the road safely if something starts to go wrong.

Older motorcycles are sometimes heavier than newer models, so be sure you’re in physical condition to handle the bike.

Know that both other motorcycle enthusiasts and drivers will gawk at your vintage darling. While we can all hope they do that when you’re parked, it’s also apt to happen on the road. Be aware, and keep a safe space between you and the lookie-loos.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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