Riding Around Road Work

Safety Tip of the Week
Watch Out for Road Work

Be sure to watch for road work. In Washington State, endangering a road worker can cost you your license. Worse yet, you might injure someone. When workers are present, fines for moving violations are double in construction zones.

Construction, maintenance, and emergency operations work areas are usually orange triangles or rectangles marked with black letters or symbols. The signs might instruct you to reduce your speed, take a detour, or alert you to slow-moving vehicles or to poor or changing road surfaces. Traffic might be controlled by someone with a flag or a sign. You must obey such a person. In addition, you must yield to highway construction personnel, to vehicles with flashing yellow lights, and to equipment in a maintenance or construction zone.

Remember that construction workers have their minds on their work, not on passing traffic, so it’s up to you to watch out for them. And, of course, you’ll watch out for other drivers, who will be slowing down as you near a work zone.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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