R-2 Detour

A Little Humor
A Robotic Server Argues with a Ventriloquist

Carol rode her hands-free, never-fall motorcycle-of-the-future to her favorite comedy club. It was so simple: Just put the address into the GPS unit and enjoy the ride.

At the club, a ventriloquist was onstage. He asked the dummy, “What do you call a vehicle whose GPS always takes the long way?”

The dummy “answered,” “I don’t know, what do you call it?”

“R-2 Detour.”

The audience snickered, but the robotic beverage server stopped in its tracks and yelled at the ventriloquist: “What gives you the right to insult artificial intelligence? You should be ashamed!”

The ventriloquist was astonished and ashamed. He began, “I’m sorry, I didn’t …”

“You keep out of this,” the robotic server hollered. “I’m talking to that little twerp on your knee.”

Carol’s ride home was less carefree.

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