Pre- and Post-Supper Safety

Safety Tip of the Week
Thanksgiving Traffic Trouble

Thanksgiving Day always sees a lot of highway accidents. After all, it’s one of the biggest travel days of the year with over forty million people driving at least fifty miles. Many of those accidents involve drivers or riders impaired by alcohol. Not only does a motorcycle enthusiast need to be aware of their own limitations, but we must remember that many of the drivers on the road with us have been drinking.

Plan your route before you set out. Use a map or GPS. Know your exits by name and number and know when you need to change lanes and when a turn is coming up.

Check the weather before you head out. Choose appropriate gear to wear and to pack, or even be ready to postpone your trip if conditions are really adverse.

Be sure your motorcycle is in good condition. Check that all the lights are clean and function properly. Remember to have all your safety gear—first aid kit, tool kit, and so on.

Leave early. Give yourself time for crowded highways or changing weather. Let people know when you’ll be leaving and what route you’ll follow. If you’re tired or feeling sick (too much food can do that), don’t ride.

Enjoy the day!

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