Long Trip Kits

Safety Tip of the Week
What To Carry With You on Long Trips

As the weather becomes more and more spring-like, the urge for the open road hits motorcycle enthusiasts. Let’s take a quick look at the stuff you should carry on longer rides into the countryside.

Bring water, because dehydration causes lapses in judgement and even more serious problems. Consider packing a change of clothing so you can layer up when it’s colder and layer down when it’s warmer. (This is where removable liners come in handy.)

Remember your rain gear—this is the Pacific Northwest, after all. Take a road map; GPS is great, but not infallible or omnipresent.

Take along a first-aid kit. Include bandages, disinfectant, aspirin and so on. Take your mobile phone—and be sure it’s fully charged before you leave.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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