Electric Motorcycle Safety

Safety Tip of the Week

Electric Motorcycle Safety

If you’re going to ride—even test ride—an electric motorcycle, you’ll be surprised at the quiet. They just don’t make any noise. That’s good when you’re getting home late at night or when you’re hoping to see wildlife in the countryside. But it’s got a downside, too. Critters can’t hear you coming, so you’re apt to find more squirrels and such in you path. Motorists can’t hear you either. So wear brighter clothing and add reflective stripes for night riding. And assume that the drivers of the cars around you cannot see you at all.

Please don’t think of your electric motorcycle as a toy that you can ride in shorts and a tank top. It’s not a scooter. It goes over sixty miles an hour, so you can get serious road rash if you wipe out. Gear up—an electric motorcycle is just as dangerous as any gas-engine cycle.

Stay safe out there!
- Mike

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