Don't Let Scammers Be Your Scrooge

According to the Better Business Bueeau, the holiday season is high time for scams. Don’t fall prey to any Scrooge out there – See the suggestion below for spotting and avoiding a holiday (or year-round) racket.

• Beware of websites that sell puppies. Ensure via multiple sources that the business is credible – and consider adopting a rescue instead.
• Avoid any scheme that looks ‘too good to be true’.
• If you receive a call asking for personal information of any kind, be wary.
• It’s the season of giving, but before you make a charitable contribution to any organization check for its rating on websites that report on nonprofits transparency, outcomes, and financial disclosures.
• Don’t be pressured to act immediately. If you are directed to do anything over the phone or online it’s better to do due diligence first.
• Be careful about what you share on social media!
• Sign up for scam alert emails from the Federal Trade Commision (FTC).
• Ask for the name and number of anyone new you speak with over the phone.
• In most circumstances, avoid depositing checks from people you don’t know.

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