Used Motorcycles - Thinking Of Selling A Bike?

Used Motorcycles - Thinking of Selling a Bike?

February 21, 2013

Used Motorcycles Gaining Popularity with Buyers
Eagle Leather Launches Park and Sell Program at Auburn Store

It’s becoming easier than ever to own a quality bike, now that the used motorcycle market is ramping up. As the economy shows signs of slow recovery, more and more people are deciding to purchase a motorcycle. Used bikes are an affordable option for those who aren't ready to purchase a new bike, and the demand for used bikes actually helps the sale of new bikes.

According to a recent article published in the Milwaukee Journal, as the demand and value of used bikes increases, motorcycle owners are more motivated to trade their bikes in for newer models. The paper cited a recent survey by Robert W. Baird Co., which also found that Harley-Davidson and Polaris Industries have enjoyed recent success from higher trade-in prices. Used Harley sales are up 7% from a year ago and remain well above the low points it suffered through during the worst of the recession.

The Milwaukee Journal interviewed Nick Bank, owner of a used motorcycle dealership in Big Bend, Wisconsin. "I think people, even in a bad economy, still buy toys," Rank said. The dip in the economy has actually helped his business, as people looking to save money will seriously consider buying used—and for good reason. Rank’s dealership currently has a 2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide, a bike that sells for $14,000 new, priced at $8,999 with 18,000 miles.

This news may encourage private sellers to put their bikes on the market. But selling your motorcycle privately can be a painstaking task. Putting your bike out in your yard or in a random parking lot with a “for sale” sign is pointless if no one is going to see it; posting on unverified classified ad websites can mean inviting strangers to your home to see the bike; and the alternative is trading or selling your bike to a dealer, who isn’t going to give you what your bike is worth on the open market.

Eagle Leather is now offering private sellers an opportunity to display their inventory in the Auburn store through its Park and Sell Program! Mike Toursal, owner of Eagle Leather, wants to offer private sellers an opportunity to have their bikes on display in front of hundreds of potential buyers, and he believes that it gives Eagle Leather customers an opportunity to check out some great bikes at great prices. Displaying your bike in our store ensures that it will be seen by hundreds of store customers in a safe, secure location. Better yet—Eagle Leather is not a dealer, so we take no percentage of your sale!

Request More Information on the Park and Sell Program:

Those interested in showcasing their used bikes at Eagle Leather - Auburn should fill out this form for more information or visit our page on the Park and Sell Program.

All we have to say is—whether new or used—we’re just happy to hear that people are buying more bikes!


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