Tips to Make the Most of Summer Riding

Tips to Make the Most of Summer Riding

July 04, 2013

Tips to Make the Most of Summer Riding
Plus a New Law that Affects You!

It's summer, which means hot weather and a lot of riding events. Just like any other extreme weather condition (snow, rain, wind, etc.), high temperatures come with their own set of problems for riders. Sunburn, heat stroke, and dehydration are just a few of the issues you'll need to remain aware of this summer. Here are three great summer riding tips to help you have fun and stay comfortable during those summer rides.
  1. Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can cause motorcycle accidents. Be aware of the signs of dehydration so you can quickly correct the situation. Some signs include fewer amounts of urine, dark-colored urine, sleepiness, dizziness, and cramps. We recommend using a Camelback hydration pack to stay hydrated. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink; consume water throughout your ride.
  2. Protect Yourself from the Sun: Remember when you were a kid, and you tried to see how long you could stare at the sun? That was not smart. Sunglasses and sunscreen of 15 SPF or higher are necessary for protecting your eyesight and skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  3. Wear Special Riding Gear: A perforated Kevlar shirt is a great option for staying safe and cool. Mesh clothing with shoulder, elbow and spine body armor offers lightweight protection, like these Kevlar shirts at Eagle Leather. You can also layer with a breathable pants liner under your favorite lightweight pants. Leather riding pants can get really hot, so a pants liner with protection built into the knees and seat work great. This pants liner by Draggin is a great example. You could also wear a vest that keeps you body cool, like this Hyperkewl cooling riding vest by TechNiche.

Update to SUBSTITUTE SENATE BILL 5263, Effective July 28, 2013

A new law will go into effect this month that allows motorcyclists to legally pass bicyclists and pedestrians in the same lane. The amended law reads:

The operator of a motorcycle shall not overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by the vehicle being overtaken. However, this subsection

  1. shall not apply when the operator of a motorcycle overtakes and passes a pedestrian or bicyclist while maintaining a safe passing distance of at least three feet.

To read the full bill, click here:

What do you think of this amended bill in Washington? Do you have any other tips for riders during the summer? Let us know on the Eagle Leather Facebook Page!

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