What’s The Difference

What is the difference in motorcycle Rider Protective Gear

After 30 years working side by side at the factory, James and Jake finally retired. Item #1 on the bucket list was taking a dream motorcycle vacation to Daytona Beach to experience Daytona Bike Week.

They spent months planning and preparing, picking the perfect route to maximize the sights along the way.

As required by Washington state, they hit the road wearing their helmets and kept them in place as they headed off. The trip was everything they’d imagined, except they did find that as they crossed the Southern United States, the heat and humidity inside that helmet took its toll.

Finally, they crossed the Florida border where at last they pulled over and off came their helmets. It wasn’t long before they made it to their destination and pulled into their hotel.

After relaxing for a couple of days, James leaned over to Jake and said, “Hey Jake, you know the difference between a cruiser rider and a sport bike rider”?

Jake shook his head and said no.

James then said, “a cruiser rider will wear $1,000 worth of leather and no helmet, while the sport bike rider will wear a $700 helmet, flip-flops, and shorts”.

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