Rain And Dog Treats

by Damien Heenan

You know how they say trouble never comes alone?

Well, I experienced precisely that a little while ago.

I have a pretty regular daily routine. I get up early, grab a quick breakfast, shower, and take Betsy – my lively Golden Retriever – out for a long walk.

Betsy’s something of a rebel, so I always carry some of her favorite blueberry treats to bribe her into behaving well. I usually pack them in one of the pockets of my vest.

One time, as Betsy and I were returning from the walk, rain caught us halfway home. The skies opened up and KAPLOOSH it started POURING.

In an instant, Betsy took off ripping the leash out of my hand. I lost balance, tripped and fell.

There I was face-down in the middle of a puddle as I watched Betsy sprinting off into the distance heading for home.

When I got to the front door muddy and out of breath, I took off my soaked muddy clothes, and threw them in the washing machine.

After an hour or so, the machine finished, and I opened it up to find an unpleasant surprise.

My washing machine coated with a lovely shade of brown.

I learned two things that day:

Always check the weather before you take your dog for a walk, and…not all mud puddles are mud!

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