Do You Really Want To Tell That Joke?

Travis, an old blind cowboy, and George, his trusted friend, are transporting horses across the Midwest, when George pulls into the parking lot of a rural bar filled with motorcycles.

After parking George leads Travis into the bar, and helps him to a barstool, before running back to the truck to get the wallet he forgot.

Travis orders a shot of whiskey, and asks “Hey, you want to hear a blond joke”?

Immediately the bar falls silent.

A woman sitting next to him says in a deep voice “Before you say that joke, I think you should know”.

Travis shifts on his stool towards the voice and the woman continues, “There are five women in this bar, and we are all blonde. The bar tender has a baseball bat, The bouncer has brass knuckles, I have a black belt in Kickboxing, the woman to your right is a professional wrestler, and the other woman is a powerlifter. So, think seriously… Do you still want to tell that blonde joke”.

At this moment George walks in and hears Travis say, “Not if I’m going to have to explain it five times”.  

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