Biker Humor: A NEW biker is riding their first Harley

Joe decided after years of his friends pestering him to get a motorcycle spontaneously finally decided it was time.  After signing the paperwork and getting a brief overview of how to ride, he gears up and awkwardly gets on his bike. 

His friends eager to get on the road start off slowly guiding Joe to the highway. It didn’t take long before Joes friends were putting some distance between themselves and Joe. To keep up, Joe twists the throttle and ZOOM off he goes passing his friends like they are standing still.

While passing a car, he looks in the window and shouts, "Ever ridden a Harley motorcycle"?

"No, I haven't” the driver replies.

Pulling away before he could ask another question, Joe soon comes to another car.  While passing it, he looks in and knocks on the window.

The driver of the car opens the window: "Yes?"

"Ever ridden a Harley motorcycle" Joe Screams.

"No, I haven't" replied the driver.

Suddenly, Joe looks up and sees a curve coming on fast, but it’s too late.

He crashes off the road into a ditch.

Seeing this, another car pulls over to check on Joe, who was battered and bruised. The man from the car runs up to Joe and asks, “are you ok”?

Joe asks in return, “Ever ridden a Harley Motorcycle”?

"Yes, I have. I rode a Harley for 20 years. Why do you ask" the driver replies.

Joe Replies, "Can you tell me, how to brake?"

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