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    Motorcycle Luggage, Types and Fitment

    Riding a motorcycle offers a sense of freedom, but you also need to carry belongings for your daily commute or trips. That's where motorcycle luggage comes in handy. At Eagle Leather, we offer a variety of luggage options tailored to different needs.

    Categories of Motorcycle Luggage

    We primarily offer two types: softshell and hard-shell motorcycle luggage. Each has its advantages and uses.

    Softshell Motorcycle Luggage

    Softshell bags are versatile, easy to mount, and budget-friendly. However, they may not offer the best protection for your valuables in an accident.


    These classic bags are usually made from leather or marine-grade vinyl. They can be hung over various parts of your bike, providing convenient storage space.

    Tail Bags

    Rectangular in shape, these bags can be as large as saddlebags and are typically attached to the rear seat. They're often softshell or semi-rigid.

    Sissy Bar Bags

    These bags attach to the sissy bars on your bike and offer ample storage capacity.

    Tank Bags

    Secured to your tank, these bags are convenient and non-obtrusive. Some even feature a special section for your GPS.

    Fork Bags and Windshield Bags

    Smaller bags that are great for holding wallets and other small items. They can be attached to various parts of your bike.

    Hard-shell Motorcycle Luggage

    Hard-shell luggage offers better protection against the elements and added security features like locks. They are usually permanently mounted to your bike.

    Side Cases

    Similar to saddlebags but more rigid, these cases offer greater protection and are often made from lightweight metal or fiberglass.

    Top Box

    Commonly used by daily commuters, these boxes are mounted to the rear seat and offer considerable storage space.

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