John 3:16 Fish

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John 3:16 Fish

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"John 3:16" inside of the shape of fish, embroidered in black and white with heat sealed backing for easy iron-on application. All patches are designed in the USA and feature original Hot Leathers artwork you will not find anywhere else. High thread count embroidery contributes to high quality and long lasting durability of our superior patches! Unmatched when it comes to bright colors and intricate, incredible designs, our patches are created for easy sewing onto your favorite jacket or vest. Customize your Hot Leathers gear with one of our embroidered patches. We guarantee you’ll find a favorite amongst our many designs!

Patch Sewing Instructions:

Note: Sewing by hand will give you greater control and is easier than trying to use a sewing machine when sewing into leather. Sewing on a patch will leave permanent holes on your jacket to please be careful about placement before you start.

  • Identify where you want the patch and outline the area with tailor’s chalk
  • Using a sewing pick, pick open the bottom seam of your garment lining just enough to allow your hand to fit inside the garment
  • Position your inside hand so it is resting flat between the lining and outlines area
  • Use your outside had to position the patch, you can lightly spray leather adhesive on the area to hold the patch, however this is not a permanent adhesive
  • Begin threading your upholstery needle using a strong nylon thread that matches your patch, use your thimble to push the needle through the leather moving from inside the item to the outside
  • This will allow the knot to be on the inside of the item, then pull the needle through and out with your outside hand and back down through the patch and leather
  • Continue this pattern all around the patch, keeping stitches close together and to the end of the patch for the most secure attachment
  • Once you have gotten back to where you started, send the needle through the first stitch, and loop it around a few times to make a finishing knot
  • Finally restitch the garments lining and your all set
Patch Iron-on Instructions:
  • Preheat your iron to 325-335 degrees. Do Not Use Steam
  • Press the area where you want your patch to be for 25 seconds
  • Position the patch on the garment so that it is positioned where you would like it to be
  • Place a lightweight cloth over the patch, using a back-and-forth motion with medium pressure ron the area for 15 seconds
  • The iron should never come into direct contact with the patch
  • Carefully turn your garment inside out, using the same back and forth motion firmly iron the inside of the item where your patch is for about 1 minute
  • Turn the garment right side in once more, use your clean lightweight cloth to cover the patch
  • Iron the edges of the patch through the cloth to ensure they are thoroughly sealed
  • Let the garment cool completely before wearing

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