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    RPHA Helmets RPHA 70 Carbon Helmet
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    Bell Powersports Inc


    Latest Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

    Modular Helmets are a hybrid of sorts between open and full face helmets. They have a hinge built into their design that allows the chinar to be flipped up. This chinar can also be opened by pulling a lever. There’s also a metal to metal locking mechanism in place that ensures safety in the event of a collision.

    History of Modular Helmets

    The most commonly used Helmets by Bikers are Full Face Helmets. As the name suggests, these are helmets that cover your entire face and head. As you pull the helmet onto your head, it completely encloses you past your chin. So, these helmets are designed to be the safest types of motorcycle helmets, as they offer the most coverage.

    A full-face helmet has an actuating shield and an adequate field of view (FOV) for seeing outward and your surroundings but has a smaller opening than a dual-sport helmet. That is because a full-face helmet is made for on-road use, where debris from roads can hit your face. By having a smaller opening, debris is less likely to enter the shield and impact the rider's eyes and face.

    There are often multiple vents and extractors on full-face helmets to reduce the buildup of heat, and the shields can be removed for cleaning, replaced for damage, or replaced with tinted versions. The biggest advantage that Full Face Helmets offer is that all the areas of the head and chin that are prone to injury are well protected due to the complete coverage.

    You can buy the best Full Face Helmets of the top brands such as Bell, Icon, LS2, Scorpion, HJC, Arai and more from Eagle Leather at affordable prices. The Full Face Helmets we offer are made from sturdy materials like Polycarbonate, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber etc so your head is well protected in case of accidents. We offer free shipping over $69 and you can also pay in installments!

    How to Find Your Motorcycle Helmet Size

    How your helmet fits you is very important to ride safely. To find out your helmet size, take a measurement of your head with tape by wrapping it all around your head above your eyebrows. Then compare your measurements with the size chart available on our website. Do keep in mind that size charts may vary a little between different brands.

    It's best to try out a helmet before purchasing it. When you have it on, make sure the chin strap is tight enough that you can only fit two fingers between the strap and the bottom of your chin. Your helmet shouldn't be so tight you feel uncomfortable, and you shouldn't feel any gaps around your head.

    To get a sense of how the helmet feels, try moving it around with your hands while wearing it. If you move your head without rotating the helmet, then the cheeks should move as well. When testing the fit of the chin strap, try looking down towards your chest and push the back of the helmet upward. This helmet isn't the right fit for you if you're able to push it up a lot.