We've Got A Secret

We've Got A Secret

April 19, 2011

Some of you have been wondering why you haven’t received any news from Eagle Leather recently. Well we are working on some very big things, and now you are going to be the first to be let in on our secret!

Behind the scenes we've partnered with one of the preeminent Marketing Firms in the country sought after for their media strategy, implementation, execution and attention to detail for Eagle Leather and the Northwest Riding community as a whole. By May 1st, we will unleash a few items specifically "For The Ride"...

* A New Website
* The Ride Guide: The Nation's FIRST "Search Engine For Rides"
* A New Online Store
* Several new promotions specifically for Riders


What we will do is keep you geared up for your rides. In fact, the 3rd Weekend in July we're going to GIVE some lucky rider a $2500 Gear Makeover! All you have to do is register on THE RIDE GUIDE and ride with us during Orting's "BIG O" Poker Run & Ride the third Saturday in July.

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