You've Got The Bike We've Got The Gear!

You Got The Bike, We Got The Gear!

April 27, 2011

Yea, its been a while since we last communicated, but as you will see, we've been a little busy!

Eagle Leather has spent these long winter months preparing for the 2011 riding season in ways that will make you do nothing but smile and enjoy the road more than ever before. You see, we have a few secrets that we will announce NEXT WEEK that directly affect you!

Our team is focused purely on making your time on your bike more enjoyable, comfortable and exciting. With this mission firmly in place, we've been working on some VERY BIG things and we want you to know about them BEFORE we tell everybody else. Read on...

Together with riders, customers, friends, and organizers of many of the best rides in our area, Eagle Leather commissioned the construction of The Nation's First Search Engine...For Rides! It's not only a search engine for rides - complete with dates, pictures, description, contacts, maps, and more - it's a resource for riders to share everything about our favorite activity...riding! Next week you'll receive a special invitation to enter The Ride Guide, and a special opportunity just for doing so! Watch for it!

You've noticed this email looks a little different? Wait until you see our new website! On April 28th (pending any technical or natural disaster) we will launch the new that, like our store, not only features the largest online inventory of motorcycle gear and accessories, but will take riding to a whole new level with cool internet-based bells and whistles that will be a blast. If you're looking for a great ride season and ways to enjoy your bike, you'll find it at Eagle Leather's new website...

We're going to be "Cookin' Dogs" every Sunday between Memorial Day and Labor Day of course. Our commitment in the new season is to bring you more of everything, every day. If you're looking, you'll find it at Eagle Leather. And if you don't, we'll help you find it and order it.

Take a look at our featured items and come on in to welcome the riding season...and don't forget to look for your special invitation to The Ride Guide next week!

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