Why you should Ride to the Oyster Run

Why you should Ride the Oyster Run

September 14, 2011

Eagle Leather salutes those few guys who got together at the end of the summer to go for a ride and eat some oysters. The year was 1981.

Limp Lee had just returned from months of working in Alaska, talked with a few fellas, and they all met at what was then the 'California Tavern' in Marysville. They then decided to ride along HWY 9, stop at some places along the way and end up in Edison to have Oyster cocktails. The next year a few more people joined in, the next year a few more, and by the fourth year there were almost 200 bikes. They couldn't believe it!

Well, as the years went by there were just too many people to have an organized run up HWY 9, so Limp Lee talked to the beautiful city of Anacortes about having the run there. It's reported at first the town was not real hip on the idea, as they were not sure what to expect and most of the town closed up as the bikes rolled in. But soon, more and more businesses stayed open and now the whole town has joined in..... and the rest is history.

Eagle Leather salutes the spirit of the Limp Lee's of the world, who take a 'Ride idea' and nurture it into an event where Riders from everywhere and turn it into something where the rest of us not only partake, but bring their friends each year.

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