What to Look for in Motorcycle Gloves

What to Look for in Motorcycle Gloves

Gloves are one of the simplest and most important pieces of motorcycle safety gear. Not only will they protect your palms from the pavement, they will protect you from elements like sun, wind, rain, dirt, and bugs.

Some gloves are better than no gloves, but with that being said, some gloves are better than others. Depending on the type of riding you’ll be doing, you have different options to choose from for gloves. Street riders have two basic options, leather and textile.

Leather gloves are made mostly from cowhide, and sometimes deer skin. Leather is very popular with street riders because it makes it easy to control the bike, along with functions like cruise control, communication systems, etc. Thicker gloves are good for keeping your hands warm in cold weather, and thinner gloves are good for warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, leather gloves are not waterproof, so wearing them in the rain will cause them to gain weight and retain water.

Textile gloves are basically any glove made of materials other than leather, such as ballistic nylon. Textile gloves have not always been comparable to leather ones, but recent developments have made them just as good, if not better. The type of material allows the gloves to breathe and have air-flow, something leather gloves do not have. If you are looking for water-resistant gloves, look for ones with a mid-membrane waterproof layer.

Once you decide what style of gloves is right for you, the next thing to think about is sizing. You want a pair that fits you well. Gloves that are too small can cut off circulation and make your hands fall asleep. Gloves too big will make your hand feel like it’s swimming, and you’ll find that you have far less control of the bike. Pick a glove with good stitching… if it looks shoddy, your gloves will be about as useful as shoes without laces. The length is important too… it should be long enough to just cover your wrist, but not so long that you don’t have the flexibility to bend your wrist.

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